Complete Guide To Non Runner No Bet

By providing refunds on your stake if your horse fails to run, a non runner no bet offer remains one of the best insurance policies against unfair betting losses. Find out everything you could want to know about it, and where best to find it, right here.

Top 10 Bookmakers for Non-Runner no Bet

#1 Paddy Power
#2 bet365
#3 William Hill
#4 BetVictor
#5 Betfair
#6 Ladbrokes
#7 Marathonbet
#8 888sport
#9 Unibet
#10 MansionBet


What Does Non Runner No Bet Mean?

Paddy Power Help Centre Information

Screenshot of Paddy Power Help Centre Page on Non Runners. (Source: Paddy Power)

The basics of the non runner no bet rule are simple. First off, a non runner means exactly what it sounds like: it is generally when a horse, this promotion is most commonly used in horse racing betting markets, was scheduled to race but is no longer able to. No bet refers to what happens to your bet in the event that you have backed such a selection.

So, in essence, what does non runner no bet mean?

No runner no bet means that your bet will be voided in the event of a non runner, and your stake returned to you.

Non runners can occur for any number of reasons. It could be that the horse is injured or unwell, or that they have not eaten their feed the night before. Anything which makes the trainer suspect that the horse is not fit to race is just cause for the horse being a non runner that day. Finding out about non runners is simple. If it’s not made clear by your bookmaker, a quick Google search will provide you with ample results on that day’s races and all known non runners. Some bookmakers, like Ladbrokes, also provide this information.

Slightly complicating matters are that there are some distinctions between how different operators provide this offer. There is a great deal of difference betwen the quality of a William Hill non runner no bet or a bet365 non runner no bet promotion and lesser examples.

Our top table list will help you select only the best NRNB sites, so be sure to check it out!

So, what kind of things can distinguish different non runner no bet policies? Here’s a simple guide to key factors:

Whether NRNB is generally available or only on available on specific events. For instance, we commonly see non runner no bet Cheltenham offers.

What specific events it is available on, a Grand National non runner no bet offer would be fairly typical.

What timeframe the offer is accepted within. A standard example would be 24-48 hours.

Aside from that criteria, the offer usually works in the same, simple way. Unlike other promotions, you don’t have to do anything to access the promotion. Just place your bet within the accepted timeframe and if your bet is with a non runner, then you will receive your stake back as though it never happened.

But, what if you can’t find any kind of mention of non runner no bet on your bookmaker?

If your preferred sportsbook does not make their non runner no bet policy clear, then you could always contact customer service to see if you‘ve missed anything. But if they also have no information, you should assume that no such policy exists and there is a serious chance that should your horse not run, your bet will simply be classed as a loser.

Other than that, there aren’t many terms and conditions to worry about. What does non runner no bet mean? Simplicity if nothing else. No bonus codes or almost any of the usual steps. There may be a general minimum deposit, or specifically accepted UK payment methods for this bonus. Otherwise, it‘s pretty much a case of betting as you normally would and reaping the benefits of this most useful of promotions.

Example of How Non Runner No Bet Works

To show you just how easy this promotion is to use, we’ve decided to break it down in a simple step-by-step guide of how NRNB works in the majority of cases. Of course, specifics are always down to the bookmaker but following this guide should cover any actions you need to take in most cases:


Check if your preferred bookmaker has a non runner no bet offer. If they don’t, sign up to one that does. Remember you can sign up to as many betting sites as you want.


Pick an event, could be a Royal Ascot non runner no bet market, could be your local track, and timeframe which utilises the NRNB offer according to the terms laid out by your bookmaker.


Place your bet.


Either check for news on non-runners or simply wait for the race to start to see if you’ve backed a non-runner.


If you’ve backed a non-runner, simply wait for your stake to refunded. How long this takes depends on the bookmaker, so ask customer service if the refund period isn’t made clear. It shouldn’t take too long.

NRNB And Accumulators

One important caveat to how non-runner no bet terms work is with regards to multiples. In the case of accumulator betting as opposed to single betting, the non-runner only makes up part of your bet. In this instance, the bet would simply continue as though that selection didn’t exist.

So, if you had a four-fold accumulator, for instance, it would become a three-fold accumulator. It would be the same if you had placed a football accumulator on several games and one game was cancelled due to rain. The principle is to revert you back to the state you would have been in if you’d never placed the bet in the first place.


Advantages of Non Runner No Bet

No runner no bet is such a unique offer that many don’t consider it to be a promotion at all. We’d say it’s somewhere between a traditional bonus and something like site policy.

It puts it in a unique position for sure, but one with plenty of unique advantages. Here’s our five favourite reasons we think non-runner no bet is a policy/promotion well worth looking out for:


Ensures that if you lose, you lose fairly

Obviously, losing your bet is never your ideal scenario but it’s a fact of betting. Sound sports betting strategy may improve your chances of winning, but nothing can guarantee it and you should remain extremely skeptical of anything that claims otherwise.

Nonetheless, losing a bet should always be fair. If you’ve backed a horse to win or place and they fail to do so, it’s fair that you lose that bet. Your prediction has been incorrect


You can enjoy it while betting as normal

thus, your stake has been lost. However, if a horse fails to run entirely, well, that isn’t really within the parameters of your prediction. We’d say it feels rather unfair for you to lose your stake without your horse ever getting out of the starting gate. No runner no bet ensures that if your bets are lost, they’re lost fairly.


It can be used with other promotions

One easy way to judge the quality of a bonus is the reward to effort (or stake) ratio. In other words, it’s not just about what you get from an offer, but what you must do to get it. Understanding what non runner no bet means takes minutes, for instance. This is one of the things which makes no runner no bet so special because you can essentially bet as normal – at least in most circumstances – and reap the rewards anyway. No wagering requirements, no betting promo codes, just a simple policy of fairness.04

A great way of testing the quality of a horse racing operator

And that’s not the only way that no runner no bet is different from other promotions. Most bonuses exist in a vacuum. That is, they don’t play well with others. You’ll usually have to wait for one to conclude to enjoy another, especially if they’re both sports-based or relevant on the same markets. That’s not the case with non runner no bet. You can happily use the likes of acca insurance and free bets alongside this offer without any fuss.05

It’s becoming more broadly available

Some things are more important than their immediate value. A good example of this are tools to combat problem gambling. You might personally never need or use them (although you absolutely should if they could be of benefit to you) but you should always take them seriously. They’re such a great indication of the quality of the bookmaker generally. An operator which doesn’t take the safety of its user seriously isn’t fit to be used.

The same thing can be said about a non runner no bet policy. This policy is essentially about fairness and is a showcase of your bookmaker’s commitment to that. Its availability therefore exists not just as a way of adding its own value but also as a symbol of your operator’s fairness and generosity.


Ante Post Betting – How Does it Impact Non Runner No Bet?

Ladbrokes Horse Racing Futures Betting

Screenshot of Horse Racing Futures Betting Page at Ladbrokes. (Source: Ladbrokes)

Most no runner no bet policies work very similarly. By far, the most common distinction between them relates to how they deal with ante post betting. This is also known as futures betting: in other words, betting on a market well in advance of it beginning.

As an example of the timeframe of ante post betting consider that Paddy Power, a natural leader in all things related to horse racing, ceases futures betting at 10am the day of the overnight declaration stage.

How does ante post betting impact this offer? Simple, it nullifies it. This means that if your horse is a non runner, your wager will be classed as a losing bet. However, more and more bookmakers are providing special offers on major events where even ante post bets can enjoy this bonus. A no runner no bet Grand National offer, for instance, would no longer be considered unusual.


Key Events for Non Runner No Bet

It’s important to note that the non runner no bet meaning tends to be quite general. There aren’t usually differently rules across races, and if it’s available on one, it’s almost certainly available on many others.

However, as we mentioned in our previous section, some large events often allow for non runner no bet policies to be enjoyed on futures betting too. This also indicates that they’re some of the most popular to utilize this promotion whenever you place your bet. While there are many other wonderful races throughout the UK and the rest of the world – from the King George VI Chase and the Epson Oaks – this trilogy represents, for us, the best examples of races where you can likely enjoy a refund of your stake if your pick fails to run;


The Grand National Non Runner No Bet

There’s no greater event in the horse racing calendar than the Grand National. Every year, four miles at the Aintree racecourse in Liverpool captures the imagination of a nation, making it arguably the most famous and successful jump race in the world. Such a cultural crossover is this race, that many people who wouldn’t normally bet on horse racing – or even watch it in many cases – want to get involved. That makes this the perfect place to utilize any non runner no bet grand national offer.02

The Cheltenham Festival Non Runner No Bet

We’ve decided to include the entire festival here, not just the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The Grand National may be more famous, but there’s no greater horse racing event than this. With the likes of the Champions Hurdle and the Queen Mother Champions Chase, this isn’t just a race: it’s a celebration of a sport.

And no one wants such a celebration to end with their stake being taken as a result of a horse failing to compete. That’s why we’re happy there’s so many Cheltenham non runner no bet offers, available on many of the best Cheltenham betting sites, to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Do note that such offers are operator specific. You may find a William Hill non runner no bet Cheltenham offer that is not available elsewhere.


The Royal Ascot Non Runner No Bet

Last but not least in our trio of racing juggernauts is the Royal Ascot: another immense festival of racing goodness, perfect to enjoy with this promotion. As far as individual races to utilize it on, none stand taller than the Ascot Gold Cup, one of flat racing’s most prestigious events. Simply ideal to back with a Royal Ascot non runner no bet offer guarantee, available at many of the finest Royal Ascot betting sites.


Non Runner No Bet and Rule 4

Betfair Help Page

Screenshot of Betfair Help Page on Non Runners. (Source: Betfair)

To understand how non runner no bet rules work with rule 4, we should first briefly explain exactly what rule 4 is. We have a rule 4 guide which goes into much greater detail, but to explain it simply, rule 4 means that if a horse is withdrawn from a race, the odds for the rest of the horses change in accordance with that removal. This is because a horse being removed from a race means the other horses are more likely to win.

As far as non runners go, this obviously wouldn’t make much of a difference if your only pick was the horse withdrawn. You would simply get your stake refunded. However, if you have other picks in that race, we can assure you that yes, in every single bookmaker we’ve checked this with, rule 4 does indeed still apply. NRNB appears to have no impact on rule 4 as far as we can tell. It’s possible that some operators we’re not aware of have different policies, but this would certainly appear to broadly be the case.


Comparable Promotions

Betfred Acca Insurance

Screenshot of Acca Insurance Page at Betfred. (Source: Betfred)

We’ve talked about how unique non runner no bet is throughout this process. And in many ways, that’s true.

Few offer as much tangible value or are as straightforward as this offer.

However, there are some which are similar to the core of non runner no bet meaning they offer some kind of insurance if a bet loses. In our opinion, they fall into two key categories: money back and free bet insurance offers.

Typical kinds of insurance offers include things like acca insurance, where you get your money back if your accumulator only wins by a single selection, or money back if your horse loses by a nose or – looking to that other ultra-popular sport for betting, football – if both teams fail to score. They all work roughly the same way, providing you with your stake should your bet fail for any number of reasons set out by the promotion.

The key difference between them, alongside such terms as maximum stakes or maximum refund amount, is whether they give your refund in cash or free bets. The former, you can withdraw at any time, and the latter is provided to you as free bets, meaning you must bet the refund amount and can only then withdraw potential winnings. Non runner no bet tends to be in cash, meaning you can withdraw at once if you wish. This makes it arguably the most generous among almost all comparable examples.

Nonetheless, if non runner no bet interests you, it’s likely these similar bonus offers will too, so be sure to look for them on your favourite operators’ promotional page. Or check out this list of the latest and greatest UK promotions for a broader list of our favourites.

Non Runner No Bet FAQs

❓ What Is Non Runner No Bet?

This is an offer which provides you with a refund of your stake should your selected horse fail to run in your chosen race.

❌ Do All Bookmakers Offer Non Runner No Bet?

No, but it’s a very common offer.

〽️ Does NRNB work on futures betting?

Many bookmakers exclude non runner no bet offers from futures betting, but this is wavered by some operators on certain key events.

❗ Does NRNB work with accumulator betting?

Not usually, the multiple would usually simply go ahead with less selections.

⭕ What should I do if I can’t find a Non Runner No Bet policy?

Consider asking customer service if such an offer exists. If it’s still not clear, assume it’s not available on that bookmaker.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

We can’t think of a single other promotion that manages to be so simple and easy to use as this one. The non runner no bet meaning is such a breeze to understand, many people enjoy its results without being aware of its existence, and yet it still manages to provide such enormous benefits. The only thing you really have to do to make the most of it is choose an operator with this policy, understand the parameters of that policy, and ensure your bet qualifies. Beyond that, you have a powerful tool for making your bet that much fairer with virtually no extra effort.

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