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Betfair can be susceptible like all websites to suffering from down periods. On this guide, we will take you through the possible causes of a crash and what to expect from the betting operator. We will also point you in the direction of alternative bookmakers to use during the period that Betfair is down.

Why is Betfair down?

Betfair’s website and app can endure periods of down time due to a number of issues. They are certainly not alone on the internet in experiencing issues now and again.

It’s the nature of websites that sometimes they have problems that can be remedied more often than not very quickly. However, there may also be times when this can extend to a number of hours. We’ll now break down some Betfair down scenarios.

When Realising Betfair is Down – Check Your Connection and Device

Before you attempt to raise issues with Betfair if their website is not working, you should check whether the problem is isolated your device or account.

If you cannot access the website or app, you might have issues with your phone/tablet that might require an update either to the device itself or app.

If you’re using a traditional desktop or browser, you might have to download the latest version of the browser to ensure you can access Betfair.

Of course you may also have problems with your internet connection.

Ensure that you are connected to a WiFi network or have data enabled on your device, either 3G, 4G or 5G. You can achieve this by accessing another page. If you are able to access other webpages and apps, then we can safely assume that the problem will be with Betfair.

Are Only Parts of Betfair Down?

There could be a Betfair down situation regarding only one page of the website or app. It could be as simple as the page being updated or a case when it is no longer available.

This can happen on markets and bets that might be open for a specific time period before a game or event begins. Alternatively, the issue might be related to a promotion that was only active for a period of time and has expired on the website. So, we recommend clearing your cache and cookies to see if the page updates.

If you are able to access other areas of the website, it is just an isolated issue and Betfair is not down across its entire betting platform.

What happens When Betfair is Down?

We’ll now discuss the primary Betfair down scenarios.

One reason for Betfair might be down is due to planned maintenance on their website. For such a case users will be informed before the company performs the maintenance and for how long the website will be inactive for.

Given the importance of the website these measures should not take very long given the amount of money that could be lost if work takes a long period of time. They will likely plan any maintenance in off-peak hours for their main customer base, therefore, hopefully you should not be affected for long if at all.

An unplanned outage on Betfair’s website could be due to a number of issues with their systems. For example, one or several of their servers that support the website could crash.

Betfair are a large company and will no doubt great number of IT staff at their disposal 24/7. Again given the importance of the website, they will strive to remedy these issues as quickly as possible to ensure that the website or app are down for as little time as possible. This is also true of other technical issues such as plugin or coding errors among others.

When this occurs, you may see an error message on the website or app, or you may not be able to access them at all. In this case you have to sit tight and wait for the IT staff to resolve the problem at hand. We would be stunned if you would have to endure a long wait.

Providing access to their website for customers is vital to their business, therefore, we would be surprised if Betfair was down for a long period of time.

There are elements that are outside the control of Betfair that could cause the site and app to crash. Betfair could be subject to a security breach from a cyberattack.

All websites are in the same boat and none are impervious to an attack. However, it would be unlikely and Betfair have extremely secure processes at hand to protect the data of their users along with the functionality of their website and app. It’s a possibility that needs to be raised, but we believe it will occur rarely.

Betfair could also endure a down period due to a surge in traffic. If the website has a number of users entering the website at one time it may overwhelm the servers. This could occur on a major betting day such as the Grand National or the Champions League final.

Servers are designed to cope with a great deal of traffic, therefore, Betfair should not experience an outage due for this reason. However, there could always be one time when the traffic exceeds even their expectations.

In summary here are the seasons why Betfair could be down:

• Server Issues
• Plugin Problems
• Coding Error
• Planned Maintenance
• Security
• Traffic

How to contact Betfair Help when system is down?

Betfair have several methods of customer support when you experience a problem with their service. You will want to find the information about the website or app from the quickest possible method, although that could be influenced whether the support functions have been affected by the outage.

In the case of planned maintenance, Betfair may have already notified you that their service will be affected from certain periods via messaging on their website or app, alternatively they may have also contacted you via email or text depending on your preference.

Social media is probably the best way to get information from Betfair through their dedicated customer support account @BetfairCS. They will have all the information regarding website maintenance or other issues that the company may be experiencing with their betting products. You could also contact them via email or telephone to inquire about your problems, although those methods may take more time.

If the entire Betfair website is down you will not be able to access their live chat function to contact the company. However, if only a section of the website is affected you may have an opportunity to chat to figure out the issues at hand. When using the function it is best to be concise and on point with your questioning to their customer service operator. For example. Why is Betfair down? And how long is Betfair down for?

Lots of people will be trying to contact Betfair if their system does go down, therefore, you may have to wait for a period before you receive a response. This is standard across all bookmakers, who endure issues now and again.

Betfair Down: What Happens To Your Bets?

The Betfair down scenario that all bettors would fear is what would happen if you are placing a bet and the system were to crash. We enquired with Betfair to see what would happen in such a case, and we were more than reassured with their response.

If you were in the process of placing a result bet on the Premier League for example, and the website were to crash. You would receive a payout from the bookmaker as long as you were able to confirm the placement of the wager. If you managed to press the button before Betfair went down then you’re fine.

The only issue that would occur is if you were in the process of betting, but were not able to press the bet button before the crash, then you would not be liable for a payout because your wager was never confirmed with Betfair.

If you are convinced that you pressed the button in time, you may be able to resolve the issue with customer service.

Alternative Bookmakers to Betfair

There are a lot of options to consider for a Betfair down scenario. If the issue will be remedied quickly then you will stick with Betfair for you wagers. However, if the problem will take a period of time to resolve then you will have to consider alternatives to place your bets.

Fortunately at The Punters Page we have a guide of the best available betting sites on the market if Betfair goes down. Betfair are a quality bookmaker that provide a great variety of markets and good value for their customers on their odds across the board. Therefore, when looking for an alternative to Betfair we need to ensure that we find those qualities from other available bookies.

Paddy Power are a prime example of such a bookmaker. They have an excellent range of betting markets across all sports, notably horse racing and football. Paddy Power have an intriguing sign-up offer for new customers, but they ensure that they do not forget their loyal ones with regular bonuses on offer. It is certainly a bookie that you should consider in search of optimum value on their odds.

One of the best operators available come in the form of bet365. They provide an intriguing sign-up offer that allows you to gain up to £100 in free bet credits. Once again, bet365 value their existing customers with regular promotions of free bets surrounding major events. The bookmaker have a lot of interesting quirks such as their two-goal payout that awards a football match result bet as a win after your selection takes a two-goal lead.

Ladbrokes and William Hill are also great options available with a neat range of features and banking options. You cannot go wrong with either betting on sports as both operators provide an extensive range of markets and competitive odds.

If you find Betfair down there is no reason to fear over your range of options. You can have as many betting accounts as you like. There are outstanding bookies available across the market, each offering their own quirks and features. Security is a paramount attribute for any quality bookmaker, and the ones that we have highlighted fall in line with the standard set by Betfair, ensuring that you do not receive a decline in service.

Benefits of Multiple Betting Accounts

If you find Betfair down you will see the advantage of boasting multiple betting accounts. We’ll now break down our top benefits about owning multiple accounts.

1. Capitalising on Offers and Promotions

Since Betfair may not be available you will be able to take advantage of the offers provided by other bookmakers. There will be intriguing sign-up bonuses offer, including risk-free bets and bet credits. Once you are a customer you will also receive the usual promotions offered by bookmakers that more often than not revolve around major sporting events such as free bets and odds boosts.

2. Getting the Best Value

With multiple accounts you can shop around for the best value. Different bookmakers will price their odds in different manners based on their own opinions. By owning multiple accounts, you can scour around the markets either going through them one by one or by using an odds’ comparison service. Betfair are on the spot with their odds, and you will want a bookmaker to match their value. Fortunately, there are a number of quality ones available that provide paramount prices.

3. Different Markets

All bookmakers are different and provide their own quirks on their markets. Paddy Power and bet365 provide the bet builder function that allows customers to construct their own bet from a single game using a variety of markets. Betfair has their exchange which allows users to enjoy lay betting. By using a number of accounts you will have access to a number of features to use at any one time. It ensures that you are getting the most out of your wagering experience.

4. No Prospect of Missing Out

The primary advantage of owning multiple accounts is that you never have to fear about missing out on a bet. Is Betfair down? If so no need to worry as you will have other options available immediately at hand either on a website or through a betting app.

Betfair down FAQs

❓ Why is Betfair down?

There could be a number of issues why Betfair is down. They can range from planned maintenance, coding or plugin errors, a server fault and a security breach.

❗ What do we mean when we say “Betfair down”?

Betfair down means that the website or app cannot be accessed by customers.

⭕ Can you find Betfair down on only desktop or mobile?

It is possible for issues to only affect one area of Betfair’s product, so it may be working on desktop and not the app or vice versa. You should investigate both to determine whether you can still use your Betfair account.

✅ How do I contact customer service if I find Betfair down?

Betfair can be contacted through social media on Twitter @BetfairCS. You can also contact them via telephone and email.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Betfair will not likely suffer a period of sustained outage across its platforms. However, we have done our utmost to prepare you in the instance that it does.

There can be a number of reasons, but even if Betfair does go down, there are numerous methods of customer support to detail what went wrong and how long it will take to rectify. Betfair has excellent customer service options, ensuring that you are not in the dark for long.

In the even that Betfair is out of action for a period, we have offered our guidance on using multiple betting accounts. There are quality options out there outside of Betfair, who will offer you the same level of service, featuring a diverse range of markets and competitive odds.

Author: Nellie Cole